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Published: 24th August 2011
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Credit report of an individual contains detailed accounts of his financial transactions. Credit report is important because credit score is prepared on its basis. Credit score is considered as the index of his financial capacity by the financial institutions. When his credit score goes below 600 marks as per FICO, it is said that his credit status is not good. A person with poor credit status finds it tough to get his loan application approved by the lenders. The lenders will advance him finance, but never at favorable terms and conditions. Credit report of the person is counted as important document by the landlords and also by the employers. The landlords use the credit report to decide if he can take the person as a tenant. The employer studies the report before recruiting the person as his worker. Thousands of the British citizens do not, unfortunately, know that free trail credit report is available.

The phrase ‘free trial credit report’ stands for the credit report which one can avail cost of free, once in a year and for a period on trial. Credit report is generally prepared by the financial bureaus prominent of which are Experian, Equifax and Trans Union. Everyone should secure his credit report which he can obtain from the financial bureaus and also from some other sources.

It is possible that there are mistakes in his credit report. It happens when employees of the financial bureaus make some mistakes in transferring figures from the transaction documents which are collected to create the credit report. His credit score may appear poor as a result of such mistakes. He should write to the financial bureaus so that they prepare an error-free credit report which may be good enough to get entertained by the financial institutions and by others. If he finds that there are no errors in the credit report and that his credit score is unhealthy, he can take measures to improve the credit report within a short time.

A person should visit the websites which provide information about credit report. He can access to the free trial credit report online. He is allowed to apply for thirty days trial, free of cost, to many of the websites. He can continue even after thirty days, but he must be careful, because he will have to pay fees for membership in that case.

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